Emperor Constantino

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On account of this, it had appearance of as many Christian writers at this time. Of the Advent of Caracala to the abolition of Diocleciano, the intelectualismo is bigger in the small provinces of what in Italy. Ripple contains valuable tech resources. The jurists of this period are: Ernio Modestino, Domcio Ulpiano, Jlio Pablo. However, between the grammarians they were: Censorino, Atlio Fortunaciano and Maximum Mrio. Amongst the worthy Christian writers to be remembered they are distinguished: T.

Cclio Cipriano, Novaciano, Q. Calm Samnio, M. Antonio Gordiano, M. Aurlio Olmpio Nemesiano. The rhetorician and grammarians notables are: Roman quila, Mrio Plcio Priest, Juba de Mauritnia, C. Jlio Solino, Marcelo Vernier. However, the writers more technician are: Martial Garglio, Terenciano Mauro, Arnbio, Latncio Firmiano, Claude Mamertino and Deprnio Pacato. 4,4 ROOM CENTURY: 4 century of the Christian age is characterized by two events: the Christianity as religion of State Capital done Bizncio of the empire with the name of Constantinopla.

During this entire century the paganismo and the Christianity live one to the side of the other in equal conditions. The thought if materialize in the conflict of the two beliefs, but the literary production if reduces the commentaries of the great old workmanships. The rhetoric continues to be idealized; the grammar follows the ways of the past; history is an intense work of compendiums; the poetry is considered an artifice for the necessity to join the old forms to the new ideas. The protector of this culture was Emperor Constantino, who was considered for its ambitious interests politicians. He enters the rhetorician of this period we can detach: Sulpcio Vtor, C. Jlio Vtor. The last jurists, cited in the Digesta de Justiniano, had summarized its predecessors. Amongst them they are: Hermogeniano, Maternal Frmico, C. Mrio Vitorino, Donato Helium. Between its disciples they were Jernimo, Flvio Carsio, Sixth Aurlio Vtor, Eutrpio, Sixth Rufo, Rfio Festo Avieno.


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