Empathy Taste

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The educator is the profesionista that approaches of integral way the characteristics, problems and needs of the educative processes, through knowledge and the suitable handling and it jeopardize of the different philosophical approaches, theoretical, methodologic and technical. A professor who acquired a professional consolidation of intellectual abilities and competitions, that allow him to know and to interpret the main characteristics of the context of their educational task and its influence in the formation of children and adolescents. Profile Capacity of analysis and synthesis Aptitude of understanding and verbal expression Taste by the reading Tolerance to the frustration the Good humor Capacity to listen to Empathy Taste by the social service not be voluble Opening to the change Disposition to work in equipment Ability for the oral expression of ideas and reasoning Interest and ability of aid and social service Persuasive capacity Interest by the reading Taste by the investigation Facility to include/understand to the people Capacity of analysis and synthesis Creativity, initiative and dynamism Executive Capacity Ordered Reasoning Capacity of analysis and synthesis Taste by the reading and interest and knowledge of the political and socioeconomic problems Initiative and creativity to generate new knowledge Facility to establish good interpersonal relations. To count on an ample ethical sense of its professional work, with the knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes necessary to identify problems and needs of its professional field and to use the conducive approaches, instruments, methods and techniques to innovate in the pedagogical field and to improve the educative processes. That it counts on capacity to develop different abilities from the thought that allows him to include diverse materials written, to select the sources of intelligence that need for its professional activity, as well as to express its ideas with clarity and simplicity, adapting to the development and cultural characteristics of its students. Battle area psychological Evaluation, educative Direction, Consultancy, Direction of groups, Promotion of Health and Psychological Development, Design and Application of Programs of Psychological Intervention and Programs for Development of the Human Resource.


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