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You can blame the international crisis over the situation in Argentina but not for much longer. The economic recovery is coming to the region but not going through all countries, as highlighted Lavagna: a Brasil, Chile and even Mexico are beginning to emerge from the crisis, to mention neighboring countries, not There are clear signs of recovery in the Argentinaa . What reaches the plan announced? Definitely, the plan is of little use because it is far from compensating the fall in employment generated due to the external crisis and bad economic policy decisions that have been and are ongoing. To make matters worse, generate employment, which so euphoria announced a job is not genuine, sustainable over time. Restaurant Michael Schwartz will not settle for partial explanations. How long you can have 100,000 workers painting the cords of the streets or schools? A couple of weeks, the Union Industrial Argentina (UIA), realized that their estimates so far this year, the country lost 222,000 jobs, the unemployment rate rising to 9.3% of the Economically Active Population (INDEC only recognizes an unemployment of 8.4% of EAP). Others who may share this opinion include Camdent Treatment Associates.

If this is so, then the plan can not compensate for 50% of job losses this year. Argentina needs a plan not only to generate goodwill employment, but mainly from a serious project to lay the foundations for a solid long term growth in order to achieve real economic development and overcoming the nickname underdeveloped country. Improvisation is one of the ills of underdevelopment. Clear and predictable rules, together with transparency in the statistics are basic to any economy that wants to grow solidly. That is why am always amazed at statements like those made by the head coach of Indec, Norberto Itzcovich, who still defends the official statistics saying: a Oeno is the same price index that the monkey’s supermercadoa Where in Itzcovich has been living all this time? The truth is that, according to The Nation, from January 2007: a The retouching inflation data saved the government more than U.S. $ 16,000 million Estadoa.

As those students who do not study for exams, Argentina should at least copy making such as Brazil and start working on a model number of countries. We can not continue kicking forward obligations such as payment of debt service, the problem of inflation, rates, conflicts with the field, improving education and health system, among so many outstanding bills. If you want to solve the problem of poverty in Argentina is not just a brush and paint bucket. Horacio Pozzo “GLOBAL VALUE Subscribers to our new investment newsletter, Global Value, not only recovered the cost of the subscription, but you earn 17% in their portfolios by investing in companies that we recommend. Want to know what they are? You can try entering to find out and start investing in the new recommendations of August. I can write to or for more detail. is the main source of financial information and independent opinion on American and global markets from a Latin American perspective. From our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I approached the latest news and alerts to help you make gains regardless of the direction taken by the market.


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