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VR-N1600 can act as the core of a distributed network surveillance system in which access to the "live" video, archive and NVR settings is carried out with a networked computer with the software or NVR Viewer Milestone XProtect Enterprise. Simultaneously to each of the network DVR can connect up to 10 users-clients. More extensive video surveillance system, which includes several networked NVR and a few PC clients, can work running a server that is running XProtect Enterprise. In the basic configuration NVR's internal hard disk capacity of 500GB. If necessary, the disk space can be increased up to 4 terabytes by connecting via USB-interface external hard drive to the HDD. When installed in NVR second hard drive (500 GB) and the appropriate format will be supported by its mirrored, allowing video to save in case of failure of the main HDD. VR-N1600 also supports the connection of RAID-arrays (standard RAID1) and can record in network attached storage NAS. Pre-installed in NVR Milestone XProtect Enterprise software license for 16 IP-cameras and user-friendly interface greatly facilitates the work of the operator, and specialized software modules can significantly extend the capabilities of the system IP-Surveillance.

Together with the software NVR supports video recording in MPEG-4, and in M-JPEG with individual recording settings (resolution, speed) for each channel. Also, you can choose individual settings for motion detection. When you work with NVR or pivoting dome, you can assign to each of them to 50 presets, programmed transition to preset in case of an event or motion detection, and set mode settings avtopatrulirovaniya and car parking.


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