District Court

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The limitation period is three years. Naturalized have two reminders with ten to 14 days for non-payment time. To the collection are more than 700 debt collection company or any lawyer available. The debt collection company must be registered with the District Court and settle according to fees of for lawyers or success fee or just buy the claim. In commissioning without buying the advertiser pays. It always attempts to charge the debtor charged the fee. The collection costs are enforceable but not for the debtor.

This pays the costs so voluntarily or not. Each Central order for payment Court a federal State (for the States of Berlin and Brandenburg is central order for payment Court Court wedding) a judicial order for payment can be ordered for around 25 euros at the Registrar without a lawyer or judge. He does not Justification. The Registrar checks the legality of not. It is important that you know the service address of the debtor.

Bailiffs not attempted delivery to find out. The debtor has two weeks to appeal. He is not, contrary to the creditor can by registrars now exhibit an instrument permitting enforcement in the form of a decision of the enforcement and send to the debtor. This is contrary to the debtor within a period of 2 weeks, the title shall apply for 30 years. The debtor may be reported only bureaus such as the Schufa, Infoscore, Creditreform if he does not deny the claim and the registration also has been announced it. Contrary to the debtor, it comes to the hearing. The process of 2 to 4 years old can take through all instances. On the form of a judicial reminder, there is no formality. Everything is allowed. Order for payment courts take no more paper forms. The German order for payment courts offer four input types: bar code application, online payment application, electronic Data exchange via EGVP (electronic Court and administrative mailbox) and electronic data interchange via floppy disk.


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