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Everywhere clearly states that they should be made of red, ceramic or asbestos cement pipes. But there is a building, a house built of sand-lime brick, and deliver just another brick for the chimney no one wants. But the sand-lime brick – hygroscopic. It absorbs the moisture, and then hit cold and it breaks down. First, it's just invisible – it falls into. Channel becomes clogged, the thrust is lost. If it is a ventilation duct, then you start to smell all that roast for dinner neighbors below.

If we are on the chimney – it is possible that carbon monoxide will go to your apartment. Contact information is here: Chevron Corp . And then I said – a green face, closed casket … "However, enough of horror movies. Let us try to understand the reasons. Here, I confess, a lot of riddles and questions.

For example, why in the flues and ventilation ducts so bad watching? And most importantly – why the design and construction of the houses are so important to people's lives are building devices properly? Igor Kalashnikov argues that the reasons are several. First, the tradition of building kilns and chimneys for the most part lost. In the mid-50's, when everywhere began to turn on water heating, faculty and Department of stove business in universities and vocational schools have closed. Textbooks, published over the last forty years, nothing new in the investigation of these issues are not added. And therefore – experts in this difficult and delicate problems of today and the very very little. But they still are. However, when designing and building houses for them today rarely addressed. And for good reason. Not only because even in the new house built by the first "cool" category, no one is safe from fumes, If the chimney is made correctly. Properly made ventilation can reduce by 80% the cost of air conditioning and 100% secure operation of boilers. Why, then, before you build a new, luxury home for himself and his family, not refer to these experts? Is much more expensive to build at once correctly than to remodel? And the normal chimney overhead than their own funeral? Much more interesting question of why sleep monitoring organization. Why chimneys are constructed of silica brick, which is prohibited on all existing today SNiPs? Igor Kalashnikov sure that no one act on the installation of the chimney is not recorded that he built from silica brick. Well, nobody had the idea to check the acts of the real world? Igor Kalashnikov said that a good idea to revive the municipal service of the chimney. It would be nice. We only hear what they think on this about city government.


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