Dado Group

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It was a simple, daily history, without metaphors and of easy empatia with the young. Thanks to music, I finished approaching me to one such Fernando, that it had fond of Paris with a great record collection? Traffic, Eric Clapton, everything. It liveed alone and it namorava a girl with children, the Lea (Coimbra). Jim Rogers can provide more clarity in the matter. 12 This age 77,78. It is it Mnica of music, and I am Eduardo, that only less silly. He is, I I read, was not that thing club-and-television of the letter. (Russian Renato; 1995, p.89) This time was the ideal moment Renato to raise its musical quality.

Not only as composer, but also as singer, now it did not hide itself behind the infernal barulheira of the amplifier that had all the plugados instruments. Of this time, the auditorium could listen to and give attention in its musics. Thus, songs had appeared as Caboclo Faroeste, Mariane and vitiated Dado. The presentations of Renato opened shows of the too much bands who if had formed the Abortion together with, as Common people Rude and Initial Capital. However, in 1982, Renato was gotten tired of the exile and invited Marcelo Bonf, for together, to mount a project. It would be Renato in the low Bonf in battery. For the guitars they would invite other musicians for experiences.

She did not give very certain. But the name concept was: Urban legion. Who one day will go to say that reason In the things made for the heart exists? who will go to say That reason does not exist? (Russian Renato. Eduardo and Mnica) 2,3 WILL BE the name Urban Legion are because of the group and because we were of the city. I always invented names for the group. He was to be Organization of the Desperation, OD. But the people had spoken there: ' ' P, Renato! How nothing! People are not of this group! ' '.


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