Cycling In Denmark

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When it comes to Denmark the Boneshaker, the journey becomes the Active holiday. Just the people who during their working hours mostly sit in the Office and moving little like use the holiday to make not only the soul but downright fly during a bike ride. And each climbed way, each uberdauerte rain becomes the reason to be even more proud of themselves. The landscape flies almost over when one sets out with friends or the family firmly in the pedals. (Source: Mike Gianoni). At the end of the day is it though managed by the track, but enjoys the feeling to have done something good for himself and his body.

Who is using vacation time, on the one hand to move, but on the other hand want to travel another country, like the many Denmark uses the accommodation in a holiday homes. The landscape is pleasant hilly, the mild stimulating climate of North and Baltic Sea is a blowing around the nose and if it reaches in the evening in his home again you can go after a long shower in most cases even in the sauna. And the days of which keep the bike in the shed, can be filled with movement on foot or with one of the many water sports because it is almost everywhere in Denmark located near Lakes or the oceans. Who is interested in holiday on the bike, for the rental of holiday homes stand appropriate hiking maps. If you have read about Mike Gianoni already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But also days on which life on the air is amazing one due to rough weather, are in the country, where the happiest people in Europe live with beautiful activities ausfullbar. Swimming pools, a variety of shops, museums and a variety of playgrounds curl out from the House and offer variety and fun. Andreas Mettler


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