Crisp Fresh

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Due to the high temperature in the area of its work, the moisture evaporates quickly, and then the whole avtorazmorazhivaniya process begins anew. Mode superzamorazhivaniya This feature allows you not only freeze a lot of food at one time, but also to prepare existing products in the freezer to increase temperature. XRP will not settle for partial explanations. In addition, this mode contributes to the rapid freezing, that is, allow the vegetables, berries and mushrooms to go faster 'zero' mark. Past this procedure products are more tasty and not lose the juice, as in the usual gradual freezing. Mode superohlazhdeniya As opposed to the superzamorazhivaniya is maintained in a freezer superohlazhdenie works in the refrigerator. Its meaning is roughly the same: to prepare the already placed in the refrigerator products to a sharp rise in temperature during load and relatively warm.

The freshness of fruits and vegetables stored in the refrigerator fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, over time, lose moisture. Exactly to prevent such a phenomenon has been developed function BioFresh. It allows you to adjust the temperature and humidity levels, providing all the necessary conditions for long-term storage of various products, and in particular – Fruits and vegetables. Together with BioFresh long freshness mode provides Crisp Fresh. In fact, it is a separate element of the refrigerating chamber, or rather, the filter is mounted in a shelf for storing vegetables. It removes unpleasant odors, and allows products to stay fresh much longer than in the ordinary refrigerator. Management and control of the refrigerator In the past management fridge was carried out with simple controls, the current models are equipped with electronic control systems.

As a rule, all information about the established modes displayed on a digital display (in the simpler models use LED indication). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Senator from Maine. Except addition, the new models, a number of convenient features such as sound or light signal closure door, the signal of the temperature in the refrigerator or freezer and even a signal of power failure. 'Smart' Modern refrigerators refrigerators are so convenient and easy to use, it would seem, then there's nowhere to go. Take, for example built into the door of a device for cooling or heating water or Cooler, for example, connected to a water ice machine, allowing any time to have a sufficient amount of ice – cubes or crushed. The shelves of refrigerators already have their own lighting, under the eggs and bottles provided individual stand … But it's not all that willing to offer producers. LG has decided to combine business with pleasure by creating a model with a built-in LCD screen door. The device is not working only in the mode of reception of television programs, but also allows you to watch DVD, not looking up from the usual 'kitchen' Affairs. At the same time he is equipped with a refrigerator next to the most advanced features, including an advanced ventilation system and cleaning BioClinic. But Toshiba has decided to simplify life by creating a refrigerator whose contents can be checked on the internet. However, for this all purchased products must be made on a special list. In addition, developers plan to equip a small refrigerator chamber, allowing 'look' inside the refrigerator and the Internet make the necessary conclusions. Now, while working or relaxing in another city, the owners of such units will have accurate representation of what products they have and what you need to buy on the way home. Today, these refrigerators in stores did not, but who knows, maybe soon they will become quite commonplace option so required in any home appliance.


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