Courageous Warrior

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The pulso of life is that one that if can run away and if protect, already the pulso of death, the citizen does not have as to run away and nor if to protect, on account of that is producing of great load of suffering. Of this form, it has a joint between the projetiva dynamics and the pulso of life whose the objective is to diminish the pressure excused for the pulso of of something ahead ackward death, producing an escape state takes that to look it in the exterior the causes of its discomforts. (Laplanche and Pontalis, 1986) the myth fulfills a function social, therefore it projects in its image the dreams and collective aspirations. In imaginary the collective one two distinct types of Ayrton Senna coexist: Courageous Warrior? half-god of the tracks, king of rain, only, necessary, unattachable and inagualvel; the Exemplary Citizen? good young man, shy, gentile and charismatic. In relation to dolo, Lesourd (2004) he standes out that its function is to be figure of identification for the citizen and that will be ' ' in relations social, in what we will call social speeches, that are necessary to look the origin of dolo, its creation. (2004: 86-87) It is very comumente, to present an allure for dolo, fact that it hinders to keep a critical position in relation it. ' ' dolo only can be understood as a mixture. Identification model of differentiation in relation to the adults, it is also a representation of the dominant values of the society of the moment, of the adults. It thus has for the adolescent a function of bow with the ones of its classroom of age, the pairs against the adults, but also of bow with the society in its set, through the messages of values that it transmite' ' (LESOURD, 2004:89). The agitation fascist is centered in the idea of the leader, not mattering if it leads in fact or if he is only the agent chief executive of interests of the group, because only the psychological image of the leader is apt to reanimate the idea of the all powerful and threatening primitive father.


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