Cookie Production

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Production of biscuits is a complex process and selection of equipment given special attention. In connection with the proposed options, the equipment selected by specific criteria, in general, the selection lines for the production of biscuits is based on the original data and the customer's wishes. These data include: the performance, kg / h; appearance and shape of biscuits; Taste the finished biscuits; room dimensions for installation. The equipment has several features to meet any customer need to choose the production of any type . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Honeywell International Inc.. should be paid special attention to important issues such as: Warranty period, which provides the manufacturer of the equipment for the production of biscuits. The standard period is usually 1 year. Providing services for commissioning, installation of equipment for the production of biscuits on the customer premises.

Service. Providing compounding equipment supplier. Yet it would not be bad if the customer himself has the opportunity to visit the already existing in the equipment (the variant lines, which offer) for the production of biscuits, to identify all the positive and negative sides of one of the options being proposed. Taking into account all the wishes of his client, we try to pick up the most suitable option, and with due quality to solve many problems.


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