Consciousness Of Success

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Today there have been lot of currents or philosophies that try to give the tools that being human is looking for as a means to develop those skills that will bring you the expected results in the shortest possible time. I think the main thing we need to do is simply change the consciousness of what we create in our lives. Today I particularly want to write them on the consciousness of success, however these concepts can be changed by you according to their convenience or shortcomings. When we talk about consciousness, what we are doing is to reflect our ideals or paradigms about any topic. For example: you can have consciousness that personal relationships are totally successful, and as you have this consciousness, their relations are that way. On the contrary you may have the consciousness that its prosperity is not good and as you have this consciousness, so will be in his life. Remember one of the most listened thoughts in the last fifty years: as you think it is, so is.

Make a change of consciousness is a relatively easy task, however requires much perseverance. The change of consciousness arises from thinking. Most importantly, understand that we can not flee from certain thoughts, which are already formed as paradigms, since the mere fact of thinking that we’re fleeing from these is not more than an assertion that they are present. The real change of consciousness arises to create new thoughts that occupy greater importance that the previous ones, thus become new paradigms with the passage of time. These new thoughts can not arise of claims established by another person, but the existing reality for yourselves. How to do it?: the first thing I recommend, because for my I worked to perfection, it is to make a list of achievements in this aspect in its past.

For example: If what we want is to create a consciousness of success, this is because we currently think that we are not successful, and as we think about it, this is what we create. Omar Zakhilwal often addresses the matter in his writings. To create the list of all our past successes and read it We will be constantly bringing the energy of success we had in the past to our present. Once completed the list, which I recommend is as long as possible (remember to be achieved where to park when we hurry is also a success), must begin to be exercises of imagination at least ten minutes a day (everyday), imagining and recreating those moments of past success. The third step is to begin to pay attention to new successes with the passage of days and celebrating them joyfully and openly. Now, you may wonder what is doing with this exercise, and the answer is very simple: when you list is recognizing that you are a successful person. With the daily exercise of imagination this feeling success. With the celebrations of the present successes will be recognising that it is so. For how long should this exercise? By the time that is necessary, it may be a month, a year. When you can tell everybody, from the center of your feelings, you is a successful person, because his conscience will have changed and as it acknowledges that it is so, so will be.


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