Computer Memory

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With that, it is important to remember that the amount of video memory in laptops and desktop computers NEYAVLYAETSYA indicator of performance. Ie not always necessary to take video card with more memory and pay for it some money, if the same money you can buy a card higher model, but with less memory on board. For clarity, clarity, and recommend buy a computer magazine Chip, where in the last pages to see ratings performance graphics cards. The same principle applies to count cores in processors. The table can be viewed in the same journal. This topic deserves special attention, so the choice of processor and video card read the following articles. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of matthew conley on most websites. Choice Brand.

Deal with this issue I will not. The reason is simple, look at the forums in the corresponding topics. There's a million comments from supporters, one brand, which he is a good shout, but their covers still more comments from the supporters of another brand. In general, you want to, read this nonsense, or more wisely, when some technical features, read reviews about this model is for different resources or even better search google or Yandex. The notebook and the connectors are available, their location, convenient keyboard, screen size and resolution. These options are not possible to determine from the photos and reviews. But he did decide.

Determined with a model and go to the nearest hypermarket of electronics, Forgive me consultants of the stores. And there can sometimes be found worthy and technically competent professionals. I note only one thing – look closely at the port location and the distance between them. Just do not skimp on: Number of USB ports. Hard disk and RAM. First, almost all modern models of RAM is greater than or equal to 2GB, enough for games and also have the opportunity to increase the volume. The hard drive can always be increased, for example, buying an external, that the same will be more comfortable over time or buying a more capacious, the choice of HDD, pay attention to speed, the better, if it will be 7200 rpm Ie these parameters should not pay attention. And if the choice is more powerful processor, video card or RAM or HDD. That, I hope you make the right choice as a laptop to replace the processor or video system, in most cases, not possible! And how does one identify with the processing power and Video? How to pick up the laptop to the processor and video card was correct and sufficient power. It would not seem difficult, this task, it is incredibly simple solution:) Just look performance rating Video and exactly the same performance rating among the processors. Then select the average value of these parameters. About the cost of the laptop I will not give advice. Her every purchase, focusing on status, income, etc. And yet one piece of advice. If you decide to buy a gaming laptop, the mouse does not ekonmte, add another $ 30 in gaming mouse to it. I recommend to pay attention to low-cost model A4-Tech.


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