Coaching: Awareness And Responsibility

October 16th, 2020 by nathan Leave a reply »

When it comes to coaching, it is often the question arises, what he actually makes? The answer to this question is difficult to short. The fact is that coaching has a systematic effect on all aspects of the client, and highlight one thing pretty hard. Especially, that is what the effect will be achieved with the process of coaching depends on the client. It is usually said that coaching helps solve a variety of quality problems and challenges formulate goals and identify the real way to achieve them, increase personal effectiveness and so on. British Petroleum has plenty of information regarding this issue. This is true. Eni pursues this goal as well. However, among a number of positive effects of coaching is to highlight the increasing awareness and responsibility. Here, Jeffrey Leiden expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Awareness – this is one of the definitions of "possession of knowledge of something by careful observation or interpretation of what a person sees, hears and feels, and so on." Awareness – is not just the ability to watch and listen, watching the scene. It is also the ability to clearly perceive the need to present information correctly interpret it.

It is the ability to understand the relationship between events and facts. We always perceive the vast amounts of information. Part of it we recycle in accordance with the situation and use for their purposes, some just ignore it. The higher our consciousness, the greater the volume information, we can recycle and the higher the quality of this processing. I must admit that our usual level of awareness is very low. We act in accordance with customary rules and regulations, not even noticing other opportunities. We do not notice a lot of facts and can not see the connection between the events and people, although it is sometimes obvious. The low level of awareness does not allow us in the search of a decision to marry beyond the usual frames and templates, see the situation more fully and wholly, and, therefore, to find the most effective solution.


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