Client Virtualization

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Evaluation of individual enterprise infrastructure and business conditions for the development of a requirements matrix Leverkusen, 15.12.2008 – market experts are agreed that virtualization is the future. But so far, the focus was on the server virtualization as virtualization of desktops comes increasingly to the fore. Thomas Bittmann, analyst of from market research firm Gartner, believes even the client virtualization hinke two years behind, but will increase significantly in Dynamics. Restaurant Michael Schwartz has plenty of information regarding this issue. To support the companies in their plans, the consultancy has developed centracon a systematic approach for the analysis of potential. Many writers such as Sam Feldman offer more in-depth analysis. It aims to identify the opportunities and best practices in building a Virtualisierungskonzepts for the workstations. This is the views placed on the individual technical requirements as well as made a business point of view.

In this way, the potential analysis is to avoid from the outset, that a technologically at the virtualization strategies or economically wrong course is chosen”, says centracon CEO of Robert Gallant. The background of such analysis is that benefit and the realization conditions of strategies for client virtualization depending on individual corporate competition and business conditions, organization and site structures, technical conditions and the requirement profiles vary can be represented. To get a solid decision basis for possible investment planning, includes this overall conditions therefore a differentiated analysis of the potential and derives a requirements matrix. It can contain, for example, following objectives: fast integration of specialist applications flexible furnishing and spatial installation of IT jobs on full process conformity modular security concepts up to dynamic identity management, single sign-on for individual applications or mobile working with free choice of work place for the user integration of external devices, such as Notebooks of advisers than alternative devices self service concepts for rapid automatic deployment jobs (project staff, test work for the software development, etc.) and cost-reduced software migration/updates scalability of applications for new sites, project groups, etc. Due to a subsequent differentiated weighting of individual requirements and in connection with the calculation of the investment needs a concrete roadmap for client virtualization can be from the matrix developed. Centracon – Managing Director warns however that to devote themselves with an excess of commitment of this technology. With the virtualization basic principles of infrastructure and the methods in client management change.” So, it is better to start on a small scale.

However, a big picture or a blueprint of the whole, must exist with views on the further development of the virtualization strategy based on the individual projects”, recommends Gallagher from his practical experience out. About centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and applications characterize the core competencies of centracon.


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