Chronic BIA

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Who in the capital already did not see for the window of the car or the bus, devoid communities, that we vulgarly call slum quarter, with children playing in the way of garbage and dirty streams. They are common scenes in a city with more than 22 million inhabitants. For these children, who for diverse reasons meet in this situation, they remain it to it solidarity of the public agencies or the civil population. what more it can lack for them? This was one of the questions that came in cabecinha of a girl of human and sincere heart, BIA, to dedicate the cause to it and to make the difference in the life of hundreds of children. It started keeping to bullets and candies that earn in day-by-day and asked for to the father so that it distributed in the Christmas in one of these communities. The Group TO LOOK AT OF BIA, name inspired for the proper name of garotinha that it thought very about the devoid children; our small BIA. As &#039 says the verse of music; ' Salt of terra' ' , of the composers Beto bastos Guedes and Ronaldo: Better to join our forces; it is alone to distribute the bread better. ' ' our work started in 2006 of simple form when BIA and the father had been to make the first distribution of sachets of bullets in the Christmas of that year.

The group if formed with the inspiration of the BIA father, Mr. Ricardo, thought and said why not to form a group and to start to make the charity, distributing bullets, toys, gifts, etc in the festive dates that happen in the year, as Passover, day of the children, day of the mothers, days of the parents, Christmas, among others. To give continuity to the work, the group if congregates periodically to search the places and events that will be prepared in the commemorative dates.


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