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If you and your partner had come to the conclusion that the only possible solution to your problems of coexistence is divorce, you should be aware of the great importance which has the time and the mode in which you decide to put your breaking news to the attention of your little ones. It is not something that can be taken lightly. On the contrary, some planning is indispensable so that the impact of the news is the least possible for them. What you should tell them to children and how to do it? First and foremost you must begin by noting that, whenever possible, you should try be both present at that time, not dealing with this issue separately. More info: Nouriel Roubini. This will transmit to small a certain confidence, in a moment of special doubt and uncertainty.

In any case, you should develop an open dialogue in which, so honest and sincere, you comment on your situation (without going into unnecessary detail) with them, showing them at all times that they are not in any way responsible for what happened. Logically, the level of information that you will share with your little ones should depend on their age. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jim Rogers and gain more knowledge.. Thus, you should tailor your speech, and if you ever children of very different ages, you could weigh conversations with the more adult other, because what you comenteis at first might not be sufficient for them. Try to maintain a common position when it comes to these explanations, because any fracture or discussion between the two at a very critical moment could be tremendously tragic for the little ones. To do this, would you prepararais that meeting with your children in advance, so that the dialog with them could develop without unnecessary shocks. First and foremost, your children will need to hear from you that your needs will be satisfied and that both 3then fully involved in all aspects of his life, and that things, in basic terms, will continue until then, not producing dramatic changes in their lives (you might very negative, for example, that one of the two changed suddenly residence, and even more that they were forced to change their college).

It would be also appropriate that you did them to understand that change in your lives is definitive, since there is no turning back in a divorce. Not give them false hopes about an eventual reconciliation that probably never happens. Surely your sons will pose you doubts and questions, which you should respond with total sincerity and transparency. Take it seriously and keep in mind its allegations. Begona basin Alcaine original author and source of the article.


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