Change Water Filters

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How often should I change the water filter all water filters are divided into several types: 1st gross mechanical purification. The diameter of the holes of 50 microns and above. In general, they mesh and do not require replacement. They need to be just cleaned or washed in an acid solution. 2nd fine mechanical purification. Filtration of 5mkm. They are made of polystyrene or wound fibers. Nouriel Roubini recognizes the significance of this.

This kind of filters are not cleaned, and recycled. Replacement is performed to the extent of contamination. Ie depending on the water. For the control you need to install pressure gauges on inlet and outlet of the filter. 3rd fine water-coal. They are made of from pressed or granulated coal.

which is made from coconut shell or a domestic version of the birch. Depending on the size of the body changes and performance filters. The main dimensions are 10 and 20 inches. Ie 25 cm in height and 50 cm 10-inch set, usually under the sink for final filtration. 20-inch mounted at the entrance to the house. Their replacement also depends on the quality of water, but at least 3-4 months as coal stores organic compounds, which are "food" for bacteria and viruses. And the long-term use cartridges filter transformed from an enemy a friend. 4th of fine chemical purification. In the filter housing is filled reagent that either reduces the stiffness, or iron. These filters have a low resource, and restrictions on the input iron content. Their replacement depends on the number of missed water. 5th thin membrane treatment. Such filters are very qualitatively clear water, letting only the molecule H2O. They basically change 1 time a year if used for drinking water under the sink. In industrial change options after testing the water. Such filters are generally not utilized, and washed with special solutions of acids. The initial cost of filters is low, but during the operation, growing at times. Therefore, a more efficient and cost-effective to install automatic Sediment filters. On these and many other things you can find on our site


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