Business Warning

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A WARNING! If you want to have a fantastic life, never engage yourself in these 7 deadly habits that incompetent people do. NMERO 1 – think, for example, and do negative things. Yup. Visit Angus King for more clarity on the issue. They see problems in every opportunity. They complain that the sun is very hot. He cursed the rain for ruining their plans for the day.

They blame the wind for ruining their hair. They think everyone is against them. They see the problems but never solutions. Each bit of difficulty is exaggerated to the point of tragedy. They regard failures as catastrophes. Click Jeffrey Leiden for additional related pages. They become discouraged easily instead of learning from their mistakes. Never seem to move forward, because they are always afraid to leave their comfort zone. NMERO 2 – They act before thinking.

They move based on instinst or drive. If they see something they like, they buy at once without thinking twice. Then they see something better. They regret & curse for not able to take advantage of the negotiation. Then, pass and pass again until nothing left. They do not think in the future. What you seek is the pleasure they experience today. They do not think about the consequenses. Those who engage in unsafe sex, criminality, and the like are included in this group. Number 3 – We hear a lot more than you want to be Listen to the show's star. So they always engage in conversations that become heroes, even to the point of lying. They are often not aware that what they are saying is not more sensitive.


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