BRAZIL Travel Attractions

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Country of exotic nature, almost 8 thousand miles. beautiful beaches, cheerful people of ancient Indian traditions and colorful colonial architecture, and also one of the most developed countries of the continent, Brazil attracts millions of tourists. There is practically all the conditions for a variety of recreational activities, but most attention, of course, attracted the famous and the Amazon jungle sung in numerous novels pampas south, Iguazu Falls and the mountain areas, as well as, of course, always noisy and dancing with his famous Rio Carnival. Richard branson is a great source of information. Rio de Janeiro ("the January River") – the former capital and the most visited city in Brazil. Hear other arguments on the topic with Darcy Stacom, New York City. Noisy, and kosmpolitichny always bustling Rio striking combination of cutting-edge architecture and poverty 'favelas', magnificent beaches and hotels with a stunning temperament of local residents and phlegm custody order, an abundance of greenery in the streets and lots of exotic flowers, seated wherever possible. City – a huge statue of Christ the Savior (arm span – 30 m) on Mount Corcovado (part of Tijuca National Park, covering an area More than 3 thousand hectares), as if stretched in a secure hand gesture over the city. At the entrance to Guanabara Bay stands another symbol of the city – a rock Pau de Asukar ('Sugar Loaf', 395 meters) from reaching its peak ski lift. Old town filled with colorful buildings in colonial style – Customs, Docks, Arsenal, Market, Square Largo di Botikariu, National Academy of Fine Arts, City Hall, the cobbled streets of Santa Teresa district, an aqueduct Arces de Lapa (1732) Emperor's Palace Museum Joao VI (XVIII century). at Quinta Boa Vista, the Imperial Palace on the square 'XV November' (now there is a cultural center), the palace Tiradentis (now houses the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro) and other picturesque old buildings. It is also the most museums of Rio – The Museum of Modern Art, Carmen Miranda Museum, the Museum of Folk Art and the Museum of World War II in the park of Flamengo, the Museum of the City of former residence of the Marquis of San Vicente, the National Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Indian History and art museums, the National Museum in the former imperial palace of Quinta Boa Vista, the Museum of the building the old presidential palace, the Museum of stones, the Museum of Shakar-doo-SPP in a beautiful building with turrets, the National Library, the Botanical Museum and Library at the Botanical Garden, Cultural Centre-du-Bank of Brazil and others, as well as nearly all the theaters of the city.


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