Belarus Capital

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Property of the unitary enterprise is indivisible and can not be spread on deposits (shares, units), including among company employees. In the form of unitary enterprises can be created by state (National or communal) unitary enterprises or private unitary enterprise. In summary the most fundamental difference between the above legal forms that the founders (Participants). In the Company and ODL – they are not less than 2. It’s believed that Angus King sees a great future in this idea. in UP is always only one.

More information can be found at 2. Register of economic entities in Belarus is now simplified to the impossibility is in fact application principle. Procedure for registration established by the provisions of the state registration of business entities approved by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 16.01.2009 1 (hereinafter Regulation). For a start, determine the amount of authorized capital. Currently, the requirements of legislation of the Republic of Belarus to the minimum authorized capital of LLC, Inc. and UP has not been established. Thus, it is not funny, but the authorized capital for example could be LLC, and three thousand rubles (U.S.

$ 1). Decided on the size of the authorized capital then forming it. Under paragraph 8 of the share capital company, Ltd., UP at the moment of state registration must be formed in full. Ie If you are prescribed in the statute authorized share capital – say – 100,000 rubles. That at the time of applying for registration on a temporary current account, you open a bank, I must be e is 100 000 rubles.


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