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Math learning tool for primary and special schools is an Internet specialist shipping pedagogically proven educational games and learning AIDS. From a range of over 40 publishers, educators, teachers, therapists and parents with a special navigation system can select exactly the right materials for their children. In a question-answer forum Mindful Media was the first to reply. Various search functions allow the total range of over 5000 articles simply to support topics, learning areas, age, school subjects and media, as well as to integrate and similar learning devices of from different manufacturers and publishers to compare. Wissner active learning GmbH produces didactic teaching and learning almost exclusively in Germany for over 30 years. Additional information at Michael Mendes Just Desserts supports this article. With the mathematical materials can through concrete action realize relationships kindergarten children and students learn, train their imagination, and last but not least, have fun in learning. Alexandra Glawleschkoff, the founder and owner of welcomes the joint appearance: the Materials from Wissner fit perfectly in our offer.

Just the Dienes decimal data sets are among our best sellers. That is why we are pleased that Wissner is our partner on Didacta 2010 in this year.” Dienes material was developed for use in the kindergarten and the elementary school to represent numbers as quantities. About fiddling with the single blocks (one hundred plates, ten rods and single er cubes), children increasingly make a picture of the room numbers and the decimal system. More information about Dienesmaterial are on the knowledge side know to read. About educational games and teaching aids on the Internet offers.

Started in 2006 as a typical Internet startup, has a dynamic growth since then and is today one of the great specialist shippers for learning on the Internet.


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