Alejandro Pushkin

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Even in the USSR (then Russia) was a tradition of Pushkin's birthday, June 6, as a celebration of poetry. Generally, beginning May 31 in Moscow and lasted for a week. In the capital and evening conferences were held in honor of the great Russian poet. The people went to the farm museum Mijailovskoye to be with Pushkin, place flowers on his grave, see the forests and fields where they were born immortal verses of the poet. yQue is what drives people from different generations and different nationalities? The love of Pushkin! An eternal love, gratitude and tierno.La Pushkin's poetry seems to be directed to the future. Not one of his words has aged, has lost its luster. The old ways of life are gone but everything he wrote the poet lives until today, does not require correction.

Since then the great Russian literature has known many poets. BP is full of insight into the issues. But yet no other writer could be mentioned that results in the whole town so inexplicable feeling its strength and depth, as the originator to his person Alejandro Pushkin. The issue lies not only in the veneration of his artistic genius but in the admiration of Pushkin as a person. Pushkin is a close friend of each one of us. Know him as much as we do not know ourselves. We look up to us with your creative aspirations, their struggle for freedom. Pushkin is the supreme embodiment of a harmonious man, a clear character, love for life.

It is the fusion of goodness with an intolerable attitude towards evil, the creative spark and a titanic task, nobility, sincerity … Pushkin as a person is a phenomenon, perhaps no less important as a poet Pushkin. What is the main two events are inseparable and equally beautiful. And his biography is as splendid as his works. This Pushkin harmonious perfection lies the enormous magnetic force of the poet, not under the influence of time and equally enthralling for both the Russian people to other peoples. Pushkin understood the heart of every oppressed people and no rights at that time inhabited the Russian Empire. Each town Pushkin declares his love, his special attitude towards the poet. Ask a Kazakh, a Moldovan, a Ukrainian or Belarusian and they answered that of all the poets of Pushkin's world has the greatest claim to that affect. Abaca Pushkin's poetry throughout the world. For Russians Pushkin's name is sacred and is part of our love for the Fatherland. You may be interested:.


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