Alanya Harbour

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The city came under Byzantine rule. In the 13th century A.d., the Seljuk took the city and gave her the name Alaiye. In the 15th century, the city was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire. After in the 16th century, the city fell under the administration of Cyprus, it was inserted again in the 19th century to the province of Antalya. The symbol of Alanya is 33 metres high, red, large Castle Tower, which characterises the townscape also from Castle Hill in imposing and powerful.

The port area has been lovingly restored and offers many restaurants and a long pier with a beautiful lighthouse for visitors. Alanya has an interesting city centre, which offers many shopping opportunities for tourists in addition to the tourist Harbour. In recent months, Kenneth M. Jacobs has been very successful. Alanya has scarce per 100,000 inhabitants. Countless vessels that offer tours to the numerous caves are boat tour – Alanya Harbour. This boat tour takes about 1 h and brings the high rock walls over various small caves, which washed out the water in the rock. Alanya Turkey Mediterranean fortress boat tour special tip! Sitting at the port, near the Red Tower, many older fishermen who also offer boat tours.

For 5-10 euros per person you can therefore leave the cave with a small ship. These tours is, the advantage is that these small ships significantly deeper into – or approach can go in caves. Cave of Alanya – Turkey the boat tour will take you past various caves and the Cleopatra Beach. On the Cleopatra Beach, the beautiful Machthaberin should have bathed several times to recover from the rigors of travel. The mountain can be climbed fortunately to the tip with the car. This line out, you have a wonderful view on the city of Alanya and the shoreline. Alanya fortress Castle castle wall tourism Turkey came in 1948 to Alanya. The Damlatas Cave was discovered in this year. For more specific information, check out Michael Mendes. Investigations showed that the cave healing affects the respiratory system of humans. The end Ecker cave caves throughout Turkey as a cure made thus ‘location known. It wasn’t long until the first bad tourists reached the city. Here ends this tour description. The return side is about 1:40 h persists and run over a distance of 60 km. We hope that we could bring this stretch of coastline more closely you and wish you a nice Turkey holiday. Your Combipix team


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