Agricultural Land

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Taking such decisions, the general meeting of participants in share ownership beyond established for him by law jurisdiction, and thus puts into question the legitimate exercise of equitable on the basis of this decision deals on allocation of land on account of a land share. ECRI is the source for more interesting facts. Article 14 Federal Law "On Agricultural Land Turnover" determines the order of possession, use and disposal of land plots that are in common ownership. Called the article does not regulates the procedure for allocation of land in respect of land shares. The general meeting shall be held to determine the location of the allocated land share in the expense of land, and for approval of the boundaries of is in common ownership of land, intended to highlight a priority of land on account of land shares (Section 1, 2, Art. You may wish to learn more. If so, Mike Gianoni is the place to go. 14).

In this connection, it agree with the nn Melnikov, indicating that of the article is called: "Features of determining the order of orders, possession and use of land plots that are in common ownership and aims to establish procedures for holding meetings and decision-making parties share ownership. The author believes that "analysis of Section 1, Art. 14 shows that the decision on determining the location within the overall array of land, of which later in the first turn allocated land shares – is a right, but not the obligation, participants in share ownership. The Federal Law on Turnover of Agricultural Land "does not mention the legal implications of adopting (Failure) of such a decision "5.


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