Agrarian Reformation

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The agricultural unions or the Leagues Peasants had been a movement that was born of a beneficient civil society directed to embed with dignity diligent agricultural of Pernambuco and that they had ahead gained force and projection of the society of the time. Already the MST, most articulated and organized of the social movements of fight for the land in Brazil appeared from the necessity of if to materialize an agrarian reform in the country and until today still continues to search solutions for the serious Brazilian agrarian question. The Agrarian Reformation When this expression is pronounced is thought soon about the following words: revolution, fight, renewal, in end, something new that it comes to change all the social structure (in the case of the agrarian reform) taken root in determined geographic space. The previous reasoning is not considered incorrect, bad what if it observes in Brazil and in the world (not equaling since already the diverse social movements of fight for the land occurred in the diverse parts of the planet, therefore all have its particularitities and different periods of occurrence) is that to obtain itself to materialize a true agrarian reform, or if it makes with money (much money), or if makes in the base of the revolution, the force or even though in the corporal fight. The agrarian Reformation is not fight of an individual or a small group of these, bad one objective to reach that it involves the society in general, also the State. The concentration of the private property of the land is one of the great problems for the social, economic development and politician of a country.

in Brazil little has become to change this reality. First because the proper territorial extension of this country appears as an obstacle (of small importance) for the concretion of this objective. Second, due to will politics, even though why the proper politicians and great entrepreneurs (which banks the campaigns of the first ones) are also the great large estate owners and the proprietors of bigger part of Brazilian productive lands.


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