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Positive returns obtained during May 2017, the Pension Fund Type A, B, C and D, a situation mainly explained by the profitability of investments in equity instruments and abroad. E Fund, meanwhile, had a value retroceso.El Pension Fund amounted to U.S. 117,895 million as at 31 May 2008.With respect to the same date last year, the value of the Funds increased by 1.134 million, equivalent to 1.0 . The real return on the share of different types of pension funds during the month of May 2017 , shown in the table below: The profitability of pension funds Type A, B, C and D for the month of May 2008 is mainly explained by positive returns on investments have foreign equity instruments.In this regard, stressed the positive return on the emerging markets of Latin America and Europe, which can be seen as a reference when considering the cost in dollars of the MSCI Latin America and the MSCI Emerging Europe, which increased by 12.23 and 11 , 18 , respectively. You may find that Senator from Maine can contribute to your knowledge. Likewise, investment in shares of local broadcasters also contributed to the positive returns submitted by such Funds. Equity investments in the electricity and natural resources were the most positive impact on the outcome of these funds. Note that the monthly return of local equity securities as measured by the IPSA rose 4.35 . During May there was a rise in interest rates on debt instruments and domestic financial intermediation, which implied a negative contribution to profitability by way of capital losses.In this regard, said the rise in interest rates of the instruments of Central Bank of Chile, General Treasury bonds of the Republic, corporate bonds and bonds of financial institutions. Additionally, the return of the instruments of non-indexed domestic financial intermediation, was negatively impacted by the increase in the value of the building unit, which in May reached 0.51 .


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