Adobe Company

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The Adobe city is situated in the region that forms the half-barren person from the state of Cear, to the south of the state, vestibule of entrance of cariri. Composed for a population of 20.474 inhabitants (IBGE-2006), with intent bigger percentage in the urban zone. One meets surrounded for the following limits which total are: to the north it city of Dawn, to the south city of Mauriti, the east the state of the Paraba and the west the city of Miracles. In accordance with Pdua (2004), the research is all attitude directed toward the solution of problems, as activity of search, investigation, inquiry of the reality, is the activity that goes allowing in them, in scope of science to elaborate a knowledge that in allows the understanding them of this reality and in the east in our actions. The population was constituted of the owners of bars, inns, of restaurants, churrascarias, owners of some property, students of different escolaridades as well as the personal sector of the company.

The sample was available of 10% of the mentioned population above, interviewed .os had been invited to participate of the study by means of signature of the Term of Free and clarified Assent. The study it was carried through in the proper estabelcimentos through a structuralized half interview, and after that observing and studying the fiches of the employees of this company acting in our city to collate the information gotten of the interviewed ones. The document use as systematic source of data was initiated by Leopold Van Ranke in the first half of century XIX (GUNTER, 2006). The collection of data was carried through in the month of June of 2010, where the accomplishment of the same one stops will be used the interview technique selecting as complementary instrument the information contained in the fiches of the employees of this respective company.


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