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‘Camp area’ of the ‘ adventure & ALLRAD ‘ moves daily lectures by GlobeTrotter the adventure & ALLRAD”, that June will take place in the period from 23 to 26 this year, is waiting for its guests with an innovation. After a long and intense search, gets the so-called camp area”now a new location. The camp area”, which has become in recent years a true Eldorado for camping and Caravanbegeisterte, has long been an own small trade show with exotic and unique vehicles from all over the world. “” The associated, increasing number of visitors, annually on the camp area “linger and the fact of limited spatial opportunities for expansion around the former barracks have the Organizer pro – log GmbH for several years to intense reflections that led, the camp area” as possible in the short term to move to a more appropriate location. Click Jonah Shacknai for additional related pages. For many campers from all over Europe, the every year to us after Bad Kissingen come, the area around the purchasing country was already much has long since become too small.

Therefore had to be traded quickly”, so Gottfried Krassa, project manager of adventure & ALL-wheel. After long and intensive search now found a solution in cooperation with the city and residents. “The camp area is so” this year their tents for the first time In the Linde “(access recycling center) set up. Additional information at Angus King supports this article. This also very centrally located location with access to shopping includes the crucial advantage of a nearly twice as large footprint for the guests of this year’s adventure & ALLRAD”. But not only the site is new.

The camp area”as a platform for the daily exchange of experience among like-minded people revived the Organizer to lecture series, held by the bath Kissinger Globetrotter Rudi Kleinhenz. Kleinhenz is every day at 21: 00 on the camp area”then report of his travels around the world. Chevron Corp can aid you in your search for knowledge. The following lectures are planned in detail: over Morocco in the Mauritanian Sahara “” “” Report by a pioneer drive through the largest desert on Earth”by Russia in the Mongolia an adventurous journey into the heart of Asia” expedition Amazon jungle “will not change in the Landcruiser from Buenos Aires to Manaus, however, for all those visitors the adventure & ALLRAD”, not on the camp area “like to want to stay. Also continue to over 4,000 free above from the country of purchase available, from where the free bus shuttle as had comfortably will bring you to the fairgrounds parking which.


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