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June 26th, 2021

On April 17, 2010, it is again: Charley’s aunt is listed at Rudolf Steiner Haus on the Mittelweg in Hamburg. It means every two years at the round table 4 from Hamburg curtain on for the theatre performance of the partners table from Salzburg. On April 17, 2010, it is again: Charley’s aunt is listed at Rudolf Steiner Haus on the Mittelweg in Hamburg. Even though the Salzburg Tablers there actually is an amateur dramatics group, they convinced again and again with your guest appearances in recent years. Many weeks of preparation precede the theater guest performances only to inspire the audience and to raise funds for social projects. “The planning run on overdrive.” so Henrik Bergemann, President of the round table 4 from Hamburg. “We look forward to introducing our Austrian friends and hope that once again, many guests find their way into the Rudolf Steiner Haus to spend a great night.” The proceeds of the evening will be the Tablers fully into social projects. The presale has already started. All Information about the idea and the appointment of the maps are on the site of the round table 4 be found at Hamburg.


June 26th, 2021

Online tool now for end customers unlocked Bad Driburg, December 2009. Under the motto create your look!”offers LEONARDO creator immediately the darlin BBs. With the online tool, developed specifically for LEONARDO, end-users can combine the current darlin BBs jewelry collection under, extend and replace. A video clip shows how. Read additional details here: Walmart CEO. With just a few clicks, it is possible to create a private and personal piece of jewelry pendants from a variety of base elements and darlin BBs.

First, the online customer opts for the base, so bracelets, necklaces, earrings or Starter sets. Then, he selects the style that best suits him. There are the bracelets such as glass beads, stainless steel or textile. Then, an overview of darlin BBs appears pendant made from glass and hand-polished stainless steel. The online customer can filter trailer with an additional function, by looking for a specific color or size. To the Anclippen, he draws the easily selected darlin on the chain and the designated location, a gray shaded area.

For other combinations is the ability to make multiple sets parallel. Under the heading list, the result can be viewed and changed if necessary. Bracelets or chains can be exchanged as a basis without any problems, even after completion of a set. The total amount of the jewelry piece appears on the current page. Corresponds to the ideas of a perfect piece of jewelry – the ready set individually, unique and diverse plant – then the customer can order directly online or search stores a LEONARDO store nearby under the heading. The darlin BBs creator is easy to use and is characterized especially by its realistic depictions”, says Peter Kunzel, online Manager Leonardo. Darlin BBs – clip & mix that darlin BBs collection consists of many small treasures that you can collect and combine with each other. The main attraction is the unique clip system: so can not only as necklaces and bracelets pretty trailers decorated, but also several short chains or a combination of chains and bracelets will be clipped together to form a long chain. It is an infinite variety of creative possibilities. How to contact with LEONARDO Isabell Eikel PR Coordinator Industriestrasse 23 D-33014 Bad Driburg T. + 49 (0) 86-468 5253., WorterSee Public Relations Petra Koslowski Friedrich-Publisher-str. 14 D-33602 Bielefeld t. + 49 (0) 521. 32 97 57 – 17

The Sweepstakes To Atlantis Begins

June 25th, 2021

Competition brings beauty as also the vulnerability of nature. The Atlantis nature and environment Film Festival shows just a few weeks before the UN climate summit in Copenhagen, on the many expectations and concerns are addressed, from 9 to 17 October in Wiesbaden, what is at stake for all of us here. Learn more at this site: Jason Brown. Naturefund is partner of the Atlantis Film Festival this year and held a raffle, to all the beauty as also vulnerability brings close nature, showing the festival films as breathtaking. Raffle to Atlantis of which title, couldn’t have matching because basically it in Copenhagen also involves the question of whether the diversity and uniqueness of the Earth goes down or it is possible to find yet another way. The festival films of Atlantis show the interaction between man and nature in a wide range. Go, get the question of who owns the sea, on the track of biofuel producers in the tropics, indicating how 30,000 Urweinwohner in Ecuador against an oil Giants to defend or accompany a farmer of the grass grow listens. Atlantis game has nine questions about the festival films. Two tickets for the upcoming movie night will be raffled every day.

The main prizes will be raffled on the day of the award ceremony: A night for two people at the Radisson Blu Hotel ‘ black Bock’ with cinema, and breakfast the next morning or a shopping voucher in the amount of 50,00 EUR Alnatura or plants Kolle. You play once and can win every day! To the contest: sweepstakes photo material to the Atlantis Film Festival you will find under: press news Katja Wiese, Naturefund e. V. Sun Berger Street 20a 65193 Wiesbaden Tel.: + 49 611 50 45 810-19 we buy land for nature take with!

Wooden Building Blocks

June 24th, 2021

Children like to play with wood blocks and wooden blocks. Wood blocks were invented in 1932 by the toymaker Ole Kirk Christiansen. Almost all children know from small on blocks of wood. They are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and forms. You are offered different types of wood and plastic. The colours, a distinction is made between primarily between building blocks that are painted and blocks that are left untreated. Wooden blocks are offered separately or as a set in a modular system.

Large wood cubes have the advantage that small children feel they better access and do not swallow. At the age of two, most children can build a simple Tower. It makes the children not only fun to play, it is also very instructive. By playing with the building blocks, children practice the coordination of hand and eye. Is trained by building blocks the motor skills of the children and learn about the different shapes, sizes, and colors. Due to the different sizes of these Children feel conveys size blocks. Small children need only a few stones up to three years, too many can overwhelm them.

With some creativity and some building blocks, you can build all kinds of things such as houses, garages, towers, stairs castles and bridges. There are no limits to the imagination and forgotten believed comes with use. The children have lots of fun when the integrated building blocks collapse. Modules will be offered that are printed with letters, this letter cubes can be raised by children on a cord and this words from the building blocks can be made. This letter cubes form a chain. Often wooden blocks are a popular birthday or Christmas gift, and it will be started immediately after unpacking the building. Wooden building blocks hold very long and can next generation passed.

The Child

June 16th, 2021

Develop attention to activities which, at a general level, the boy and the girl hospitalized can and must perform in the hospital context, will allow us to observe, understand and therefore boost the stay of the child and the girl in that context. Encourage the child to hospital / to in terms of the feeling of dependence and independence as required by the situation also is a fundamental task, where the skill of observation, listening and understanding play a fundamental role. Possess a wealth of knowledge that allows to develop a care and psychosocial care, in general, the child or the hospitalized girl. The / educator/to hospital/to be displayed always attentive / before the different reactions that can have hospitalized children and girls and before these show a patient and understanding attitude. David Abney has much experience in this field. Before the process of teaching and learning that the hospitalized child is immersed by his evolutionary time, the / the educator to hospital/a should take into account the importance of the development of learning activities in general. Do do do do in the hospital context the / educator/a hospital/a can be found to the development by the child or the child’s negative behaviors, before that, in order to eliminate them, the following alternatives can be used:? do nothing?, called? time out? (separate to the child from the situation that has arisen in order to initiate a process of reflection), reprimands or warnings (always reflective), etc.; do while taking into account the role? transitional? that the / the educator to plays in the hospital context, sometimes, the best alternative is to delegate response to the negative behavior in one or more other persons (parents, guardians). To make a group to unfold properly, it is necessary to learn a set of skills that allow us to develop an optimal communication style, especially by those responsible for directing the group. Original author and source of the article.

Organization Mexico

June 15th, 2021

The values must be clear, shared and accepted by all members and levels of the Organization, achieving unified criterion that compact and strengthen their interests. The internalization of the values, It implies that the individual is identified with the organization. The importance of the value lies in constitute motivating element of actions and human behavior, define the fundamental and definitive nature of the Organization, creating sense of identity of the staff with her, considered by some authors (16) that identify and reproduce attitudes and conceptions which lie at the very foundation of the cultural dynamics and social life. Values are explicit in the will of the founders of the Organization, the minutes of Constitution and the formalization of the mission and vision. Therefore, in recent years refers to the direction for values, but the success and utility of directing by values (and no values) is to ensure that they are really shared, or what is the same determined with the widest possible participation and disclosed, agreed and convinced everyone that they are values that must fight.

CONCLUSION culture is how customary or traditional thinking and doing things, shared at wholesale or lesser extent by members of the organization. It determines the functionality; reflected in the strategies, structures, and systems established over years of operation, identifying himself with dynamic systems. The values are generated by the culture of the Organization, so it can be modified, as the effect of the continuous learning of its members, so they are enforceable and taken into account for the evaluation and development of such staff constituting the engine performance of the organisation. Organizational culture and values play a role unquestionable in organizations to the phenomena of survival, adaptation, transformation and growth, because it facilitates decision-making, motivation, cooperation and commitment. BIBLIOGRAPHY. 1 Minsal Perez D, Perez Rodriguez and. Towards a new organizational culture: the culture of knowledge. Acimed 2007; 16 (3).

Available in: 16307/aci o8907, htm. Retrieved: 24/12/08. 2.-Charon Durive, l. importance of organizational culture to the development of Quality management system. MEGACEN. Center for information and technology management. Santiago Cuba.2003. 3.-Harold Koontz and Heinz Weihrich. Management, a global perspective, Mexico. Ed: Mc Graw-Hill. 1998 4-Fremont Kast and Rosenzweig Janes. Management in organizations. Approach systems and contingencies Mexico. 1999 5.-Harold J. Leavitt. Corporate paths. How to integrate vision and values in the Organization Mexico: Ed: Continental S.A.1998. 6 Diploma. Organizational development. Hall of ambassadors. It borders. Mexico. 2000 7.-Shein E. Psychology of the organizations. Publisher McGraw-Hill. 8.-Pineapple Mexico.2001 Rodriguez RA. Proposal of cultural models aimed at the management of change. (Monograph on the Internet)(Cited may 24 2007). Available at: 06/aci05407 6, 9.-Toyas Brito a. study of organizational culture and its influence on the quality of service in the military Hospital Mario Munoz. Diploma work. University of Matanzas. Camilo Cienfuegos.2006. 10 Aguado RJ. Organizational culture. (Monograph on the Internet)(Cited 2007 Mayo24) Available in:. 11 Ramirez Mejia FI. The development of an organizational culture of knowledge sharing.(Monograph on the Internet)(Cited 2007 Mayo24) Available in:. 12 Robbins Stephen p. organizational behavior. Mexico. Prentice Hall.2000 13-Castaneda Gonzalez ne. culture and organizational climate in the Policlinico Docente community Dr Carlos j. Finlay. Camaguey.

New Professionals

June 14th, 2021

That I would say if I tell him that it is likely that 50% of doctors and lawyers who will see his case made trap at the University. Confidence in almost all areas of society has been reduced significantly. It is very common to see news speaking of the collapse of confidence in political, Government and labor. It is the new slogan at households do not rely on anyone a high percentage of companies and organizations public are directed by people who do not consider honesty as a factor of prime importance. Most common is to say if they change, if they were more honest, we could trust. But really we can do something to make people change? I believe that we can do nothing, absolutely nothing with something, someone that this alien to our desires, influence, and needs; each one has its reality, morality, truthfulness, honesty and perception parameters. All act believing that what we do this well at least for us, our desires, dreams and beliefs; No matter what we do is considered by regional morale as bad.

Throughout history the criticism never achieved their purposes. Each person is confident in its criteria and is the only one that can work a change in his person. Nobody else. Confidence in oneself is a fundamental dimension. If we propose something that then we can not meet if still not able to rely on our own determination as we suspect that trust each other. That change, if we really want to see it in others, has to operate in ourselves.

The Category

June 13th, 2021

You can limit the cost of purchased boxes making smart decisions when it comes to packaging materials and methods. Here are some steps to avoid headaches when it comes to pack your stuff to keep them in the minibodega: choose the sizes of each box, keep in mind not only what you can store, but also the ease of transporting everything. Select small for books and heavy items boxes and large boxes for clothes and bed clothes or dress. It avoids the use of newspaper to wrap items, since they can leave your things due to ink stained. Considered the use of clean packaging material, paper quality or thin sheets of paper foam and felt or plastic bubble. Dow has much experience in this field.

He estimated the amount of Ribbon you will need to cover both the funds and the lids of boxes and then buy your estimated twice. Remember: better about that missing. You can buy boxes that come with cardboard separators and foam bags for easy packing. Some contain plastic or are covered in fabric. Sold at housewares stores. Fill out the boxes in their full capacity, but beware, don’t fill them too because they can break. Use towels or clothing to fill the empty space.

Buy rolls of plastic for wrapping furniture, appliances, cabinets and desks. That will help you maintain your furniture doors closed and drawers. Covers for mattresses and sofas can be covered by plastic sealed, but should not be used in long term storage, since moisture can promote the growth of fungi and mildew. Stores dedicated to the category of storage and packaging offer a variety of supplies of boxes, locks, covers and other useful elements. They are a great resource to resolve the problems of packing and moving.

Emerging Heroes

June 13th, 2021

Very known are the exceptional moral qualities of heroes. They are individuals who are notable for their attitudes risky in favour of others. They are able to be exposed to complicated and often dangerous situations. And they do so to pursue a common good, a laudable cause. Them, without that nobody can prevent it, raise mortals most great interest.

We’ve all seen heroes throughout our lives. Albert Bourla may also support this cause. Film and comic books are filled with them. However, perhaps it should be clarified that real life has many more. But it is undeniable that the heroes of fiction are much more known. And it is that almost all exceptional people have acted from anonymity. Only a fraction of the heroes arrive to be known. Not all people are capable of epic shares. But it awed know how many it would be at any given time.

The heroes are not very different from any people. They are possibly just like you in most aspects. And perhaps like you, only need an extreme to deploy the latent heroism within. Hundreds of thousands of potential heroes are born in the world every year. Only that most of them will not need his heroism. And others will lose their potential due to the assimilation of some heroic ideas. To finally end up with completely normal lives as others. We had said were necessary conditions for the emergence of a hero. Circumstances where required risky actions, disinterested actions, firm functions, heroic actions are needed. Many times these joints are unfortunately wars, accidents and natural disasters. Without these conditions the potential heroes that exist never become patents heroes. But we all know that such situations are not sufficient to make a hero. Because not all people who have to live them are transformed into such. Another factor is needed, tucked into some special component. And that it is not, however, nothing mysterious. Circumstances merely serve as triggers. But do not take the heroic essence, the component that is missing; No hero will not appear. That essence which distinguishes a hero someone who isn’t, is nothing genetic, does not have to be born with it. This special element is not more than the admiration for the heroes. So, admire the heroes makes heroes. People who do not feel any admiration for epic and risky behaviors will never have Titans tempering. All the prominent characters whose names are engraved in history were great admirers of the heroes. It was that devotion and interest by the magnanimous actions that became them exceptional people. There are no supermen; There are only people who respect and admire the heroes. These people are normal, which arrived determined moments, displayed extraordinary actions. Anyone meeting those requirements can become truly great. Other recommended reading: Your chances of making money with Internet subtleties to excite women techniques psychological of self defense (I) to remember best what they have studied original author and source of the article

Rustic Furniture

June 13th, 2021

In the rustic style, there are trends that advocate more sophisticated materials and finishes. Thus, the final aspect of the current rustic furniture boasts naturalness characteristic of this style, but keeping the traditional lines and conserving the aromas of another time. Less country and more natural. The rustic, that style flavored field that puts a note natural and comfortable in our home, is one of the favorite decorative trends of many people. But, like everything else, also their shapes and designs have changed and evolved and offer us a new vision of the subject. Bumble founder is likely to agree. New timbers.

For example: with the furniture classics of pine or oak, tropical timber, before basically employed abroad, and who have occupied increasingly more land in the rustic interiors of our days are now much. Both in the massifs, and veneers and finishes, follow full topical wenge or iroco, along with other exotic varieties. More refined decoration. Also designs they evolve, and influenced by the straight lines of minimalism. In addition, rustic environments are no longer so overloaded: floral decorations are made smoother and more refined and replaced by natural and balanced tones. Consequently, the rustic old with that classic country, floral and colorful, flavor is high chair in an atmosphere more refined and simple, with sober tones and natural qu seek, first and foremost create serene and comfortable environments. Field environment. The key to a rustic atmosphere, with full flavor to field and nature, is mixing different factors.

Coatings. Natural materials, life, such as wood, stone, or brick, treated in the traditional way, with auctions of rough or rugged appearance, are a decorative solution of first order. Today, we also find refined finishes on most modern rustic furniture, aging artificially with the help of waxes and bitumens. Other elements. In addition to the materials there are other decorative and functional elements that they are basic to round off a rustic atmosphere. Doors, Windows, walls in general, fulfilled an essential role in the confirmation of the style of a home. Therefore, imitations or restorations of tough doors with bronze or iron hardware, solid shutters, or glazing arched are some of the most practical solutions that we find today. In the market, there is a commercial furniture in a style which emphasizes by its great variety and versatility in different environments already not only in rural House but also in urban rustic.