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Das Kapital

January 14th, 2016

" But, as Marx said yet, it is only a short time. Obsession music, hits tire fact that such a system is closed on itself: people are asked what they like, give it to them, and then ask. And since nothing new they can not hear, they will again enjoy the same thing, but like is less. Frequently Jim Rogers has said that publicly. After all, the constant, monotonous, obsessive music boring, boring. This is one of the components of the answer to the question "Why do not we listen to what we love?": We are no measures are stuffed jaded "hits", which, perhaps, good, but because of the constant presence in the air begin to irritate. Invest in the creation of new musical talents, their education, training, promotion? What to do? People stop buying boring product! The answer again from Karl Marx in Das Kapital. The money has to, no matter how sorry: (, transformed into a new product, in our case – a new song and music.

But where to get them? There are two ways. First, the optimal driving the progress and sung by Karl Marx way – to invest the money earned to the creation of new means of production, in our case – in search of musical talents, their education, training, promotion. But this method time-consuming and expensive. The good old hits + new shiny new pack of "Old songs" Our show business and is able to fool everyone and myself. He again took the path of quick money – worked on the formula "Everything is new – is well forgotten old".

Delicious Home Cooking Interesting Recipes

January 3rd, 2016

Every day, we (mostly women, but there are exceptions) have to think about how to feed their families today and what would edakogo cook because all the time, the same recipes made from potatoes bored. Want a tasty and interesting. Because of this, housewives and buy a variety of books with recipes. Some of them do not like to cook and with the help of these books are trying to please men, because as a pathway to his heart, as everyone knows, is through his stomach. Other women who consider cooking a hobby, using the most unusual recipes and surprise of relatives on a daily basis. Recipe book – a wonderful method to do useful and incredibly fun business.

Another good method is to find a lot of unusual recipes – online. Cooking salads. Rogers Holdings understood the implications. Salads – perfect application to garnish. Salads can be meat, hearty. Summer salad recipes can not only read the book, but find on the internet on the resource of recipes. There are many options of salads in the kitchen of every country. Whatever food you prefer, you can taste new recipes every day.

The interesting thing to do dinner on the theme and even days. Imagine how you apply the main dishes on the table and say: This evening we are in France! ". Does not that wonderful? Cooking recipes. Cooking is as much fun for some, as for someone painting. People who love cook, looking for methods concoct ever new dishes, which they have not yet tried it with various spices. Cooking cook at home. It is very good because you prepare meals with their hands. In this case, you can be confident in the freshness of products. Why latit in a cafe if you can make something yourself? Sometimes institutions serving portions only infringe upon the rights of consumers. Home is also possible to create dishes from different products and serve are what you are accustomed to eat. In a network you can find recipes of pancakes, what your whole family will love. There are recipes with photos, it will help with the external design dishes, but other than that to make it aesthetically pleasing to form. Cooking cook at home. Cakes – an interesting case. If more or less put any ingredient, it can happen quite a different effect will be more tasty or not, curvy, etc. No need to despair if your pie does not turned as soon as you'd like. Takes practice. Baking – super option for tasty for himself. New free recipes will make life more fun. With such a hobby you can not only diversify food for dinner, but other than that to spoil their loved ones. You may be interested to see their smiles and hear otlinye responses. The portal of recipes you can learn the news and Classical music festivals, and in addition learn how to prepare banquets, prepare calorie salads and surprise loved ones!