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So Paulo

December 31st, 2012

In this intention, we want to strengthen the general hypothesis of our research in using itself in the reconstitution of the historical facts happened here, through verbal history and of documents raised in the parish. We look for to leave the well calm deponents in its proper houses as it suggests Paul Thompson. In first place the interview can be harmed by voices of other people and strong noises or acoustic problems, therefore these can ruin a writing completely. (1998, P. 269).

Verbal history is one technique data-collection as verbal depositions of the people who had testified facts and events of the past, that can be written, and its purposes are to fill the gaps in written documents, reconstituting to a period or historical event by means of the involved people (SEVERINO, p.278). According to Book Tumble n 2 of the Parish of Apia. ‘ ‘ To the eleven hours of the night of day nine of July of 1932, (Saturday), a revolution against the dictatorial government blew up in the city of So Paulo. The Dr. is interventor in So Paulo Peter de Toledo who, being acclaimed Governor of the State for the federal troops, for polices and the people, declares war to the Dictadura.

Dirigem the operations the commander of the second military region, the Cel. Euclides de Figueiredo, General Klinger and General Isidoro Lopes Days. So Paulo was changedded into an active workshop of war and sends the thick one of its troops against the Federal Capital, going to find next, in the verge with the State of the River, the troops of the Dictadura under the command in head of General Peter Aurlio de Ges Hunter. All the States of the Federacy had come in assist of the dictatorial cause and So Paulo cultivated the epic page of its history. E, pursued for all the sides operated prodigies.


December 27th, 2012

' Where he is the other? where it is the different one? where it is the common one to all people? Where they are the tests, where they are the facts? Good the news were alone rumors? ' ' H. Gessinger. Period of rains, summer in our piauiense capital. Amongst other consequncias, pra me, what more it characterizes this time are the opportunist calls viroses. Thanks to some respiratory complications with which I still coexist since less young, these if use to advantage of these problems. Or it would be bad luck? I do not know, the doctors are philosophers and they never arrive at a consensus.

Then, recently it stows making tour for some clinics, and – only now – I could not leave to perceive a thing. I say ' ' only agora' ' why a difference between seeing exists, and taking conscience of what it has for backwards of the visa: to enxergar, to notice, to know, to know, to think. Good, but we go to the thing: the children, have diverse types of pastime in these places. Or better, not only in clinics, but in the majority of the places. Places pra to play, televisions transmitting livened up drawings.

Then I was to think, why? Why, it is clearly, pestinhas make racket if to be idle, bother the parents, proliferate the ambient clutter. Then I transferred my thoughts there to a certain mirror. I, to the 15 years, ' ' adolescente.' ' One day called ' ' aborrecentes' '. One day died by being threat. Now we do not bother more in the clinics. We do not bother in the hospitals. We do not bother in the schools. We do not bother, then we are not worthy of the public effort of the distraction. They do not know to say when we start, when we finish.

Robert Owen

December 24th, 2012

The bourgeoisie, however, did not only forge the weapons that will give death to it; she also produced the men who will manejaro these weapons? the modern laborers, the proletarians. Marx in turn believed that one day would arrive where the proletariat if would acquire knowledge, joining themselves and taking the control of the means of production. In such a way the end of the supremacy of the bourgeoisie would arrive. Marx was the main source where all that did not agree to the new model that was being tax for the modern state, they searched inspirations. Certainly the socialist ones led for Robert Owen also? they had drunk of this source. At this time marked for an industrial revolution, the plants emerging in all the parts, provide a social inaquality, motivated for the ambition of the proprietor of the industry, when the workers were submitted the days of up to 16 daily hours, not escaping nor women and children. Robert Owen, who is considered one of the parents of the socialism, that this if did not place against the industry, but nailed that the industry in itself is beneficial, making possible the reduction in price of the consumption goods. For Owen, what it was made a mistake, it was the form with that these industries were if developing, to the cost of penalizaes to the workers, in function of the enrichment of the capitalist owners of the means of production.

Its proposal was that the plant had to be controlled for the laborers and the final result of the work distributed igualitariamente between all, thus justice would be made stops with the kept out of society workers. It defended that around of the plants they were created cooperative, and helped to establish many of these, that had not obtained to function for much time. Had reaction on the part of capitalists industrial, that had started to attack the organizations of workers in form of retaliation, being made lists with names and banishing laborers who had affinity with the owenista thought, these finished being dismissed, and many of these organizations of workers as unions and cooperatives had been closed and passed to the clandestinidade.

Avoiding Blocking

December 21st, 2012

That’s because they were not notified of the final payment and did not know you paid another way. Why locks can be a problem block is used to ensure that they do not exceed the credit line (credit card) or overdraw your bank account (debit card) before leaving a hotel or return a rental car, leaving the store without paying. Blocking is sometimes also used by restaurants for important bills expected (like large groups at dinner or a party), by companies cleaning your home, and other businesses to ensure credit or account money will be available for complete the payment.

If you are very far from your credit limit or do not have a low balance in your bank account, blocking probably will not be a problem. But if you’re reaching that point, be careful. Not only can it be embarrassing to have your card declined, it can also be inconvenient, especially if you have an emergency purchase and insufficient credit or money in your bank account. On debit cards, according to the balance of your bank account, blocking could lead to charges for insufficient funds, while the block remains in place.

How to avoid blocking to avoid the aggravation that blocking can cause: When in a hotel or rent a car – or if a restaurant or other business asks for your card in advance of service – Ask if the company is “blocking,” how much will be blocked, how do you determine the amount and how long the block remains in place. Consider paying hotel, motel, car rental, or “blocked” bills with the same credit or debit card you used at the beginning of the operation. Ask the clerk when the prior block will be removed. If you pay with a different card, cash or by check, remind the employee that you are using a form of payment and ask them before deleting the lock immediately. Ask your current issuer of the debit card if they permit blocks, for how long, and what type of business.

If they do, you may want to consider getting an overdraft line of credit from your bank. Ask about a plan that automatically covers the overdraft and does not involve a decision that the bank about whether or not to pay each time. Although it may incur interested in this plan if you do not pay the full amount fairly quickly, not have an overdraft is unpaid. Ask your bank if they offer an overdraft line of credit, how it would work, and how much it would cost.


December 17th, 2012

Flower did not obtain impediz it until arriving the marriage, therefore in a beautiful Incio afternoon I not only obtained to pull out only one kiss of flower more yes if to lie down with it, in one of its country journeys. Of its stolen kiss it was taking off the clothes of it and leaving completely naked played and it in the soil and made of it what it wanted for some time made, it to be delirious of as much pleasure, with its ingenuous sighs, made things that it never imagined to make with a man, being young it or 25 years older than it, as Incio. After having it pra it as always he wanted Incio only took it pra house and from that day he did not stop to abuse it, always in its strolls if he lay down with it, making it to suspirar of intense pleasure. More in contrast the normal Flower it liked if only lying down with it, in the hour that was taken by pleasure, because later it hated. Therefore it started forcing it and later she herself if he delivered in its arms.

During the time that flower was abused for Incio, she was very stranger did not speak with nobody, nor only made nothing was in its room. What it made its father to take a decision to bring its Mileide cousin to pass some we have with Flower. A pparently cautious decision its vision. Mileide Gonalves de Azevedo, delicate, intelligent, fine and educated woman as never was seen. Perhaps the attributes were these that despertaram as much interest of Incio. It spoke I finish, used the best perfumes and the clothes most expensive vendidas in the capital.

It swims so different of Flower. But the reason for this sudden interest. Mileide already was a woman, had 30 years, very different of Flower that was only one girl.

Ferdinand Saussure

December 2nd, 2012

A sign is a thing that, beyond the species ingested for the directions, makes to come to the thought, for same itself, any another thing. Saint Augustin As Ferdinand Saussure6 speaks that the linguistic sign and as a currency of two sides this in relation to significant and the meaning that is each one of them has some differences more does not have as to have one meaning without a significant one, now I go to try to show what each one is goes to start with the significant one can be something that you see in the case of the image transit plates and also she can be something that you say or to listening in this in case that if the word has a direction more than, already the meaning you are the concept and what you understand that is what is or what it means. But from the theory of Saussure we can notice that we had you vary other theories as of Hjelmslev7. Considered separately, sign some has significao. All significao of sign is born of a context, wants understands therefore a context of situation or an explicit context, …. It is necessary, thus to abstain to believe that a substantive more loaded of is felt of what a preposition, or that a word is more loaded of significao of what a suffix of derivation or a flexional termination. (HJELMSLEV, 1975, P. 50) Now I go to show that the signs are in all same place are even though in that in chemistries we use very in the Periodic Table, therefore each element that we have in the table has a symbol, or better, a sign that represented for capital letters and very small a good example and the chemical element Copper that has as symbol in the table ' ' Cu' ' this symbol is of the periodic table has another meaning, but inside of the table alone it means the element Copper, it has this sign why it has covered in Latin and Cuprum writing.