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Zeneva Motorshow 2007

September 8th, 2011

Maxim sibin Overview of new products of the Geneva Motor Show Geneva Motor Show is the most important in Europe by road event. All the major manufacturers were noted and brought here a lot of bright concepts updated and completely new production models. With the most interesting we will introduce today Mercedes Benz C-Class Representatives "German : Mercedes, Audi and bmw, showed three very different and therefore more interesting news. Long before its appearance, the new "Mears" C-class had not mention once in the pages of automotive magazines. And the "spy" photos, as it turned out, had little in common with the original. The new C-klasse turned out beautiful. Individual elements overlap with features of other models of the company.

In the car, you can find a piece of cls, the new cl coupe, and even something of the S-Class in miniature. Source: Amber Capital hedge fund. Compared with the previous generation Mercedes grew in all directions: up to 55 mm in length, 42 mm in width and 45 mm in height. Yet identified "only" eight engines: from 1,8 kompressor with 156 by up to 3,5 V6 (272 hp). The most "brutal" amg version with a V8 6,2 L will appear later. For the budget as "mersedesovodov" offered three "Diesel". All their characteristics are reminiscent of is a perfect for today have reached motors of this type: the ratio of displacement and power comparable to the engines "petrol" line. For improving the ride quality of the new model will be responsible suspension and steering Agility Control.